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Broking counters such as OSK, TA, ECM, etc, or even Bursa. If you notice market sentiment is good, volume has increased, very soon these counters will go up.
During bull market, they will have rotational play, eg they may play certain industries and very often they will play recent IPO counters.
Window Dressing is a strategy used by mutual fund, unit trust company, fund manager or the listed company, to push up the prices of the stocks at the end of the reporting session (eg month, quarter or year). In short, they will push up the prices of certain stocks so that in their reports, they can show others that they perform well. This generally happen in end of the year because of yearly reporting.
General Offer ?
Fair value?
Many people actually buy stocks based on rumours and make money. That’s why you see the volume of the stock has increased when the rumours are out.
Buy only when the fundamental is good. The rumours give you an extra reason to buy.

Whenever there is a crisis, get ready your cash.
We don’t know when will the Crisis last, but generally it will last about 10 to 27 months.
If you buy too early, you may be catching a falling knife. Too late may miss the boat.


We remain our OVERWEIGHT call on the sector in view of
the potential orders flooding the market.
 We see more value in the mid/small-cap segment as they
offer more upside potential. Top picks in order of preference:
 Mudajaya (BUY, TP: RM6.92)
 HSL (BUY, TP: RM2.44)
 Sunway (BUY, TP: RM2.60)
 WCT (BUY, TP: RM3.85)
 TRC Synergy (BUY, TP: RM2.00)

05 Apr 2011 09:21 BST DJ MARKET TALK

05 Apr 2011 09:21 BST DJ MARKET TALK: OSK Keeps Malaysia Construction Sector At Overweight

0821 GMT [Dow Jones] OSK Research keeps the Malaysian construction sector at Overweight based on the recent strong momentum of local contract awards. In 1Q about MYR2.7 billion worth of local contracts were awarded, up 44% on-year, the house notes. But it adds, the award of foreign jobs was insignificant at MYR205 million, "which we expect to remain weak due to the Middle East unrest and contractors refocusing on the domestic market." The house says its top picks in the sector are Mudajaya Group (5085.KU), rated Buy with a price target of MYR7.44, Gamuda (5398.KU), rated Buy with a target of MYR4.96, and, among the smaller-cap players, Kimlun Corp. (5171.KU), rated Buy with a price target of MYR2.32

Construction 06/04/11

We reiterate our OVERWEIGHT stance on the construction sector, with Gamuda and WCT remaining as our top picks and MRCB staying as our key GLC construction pick. We also maintain our OVERWEIGHT rating on the property sector. Mah Sing is our top pick.


Top Story: Media
Sector Update
¨ Attractive Dividends help shield market volatility
¨ Media Prima (Outperform, FV=RM3.20) remains our top pick given its position as the largest integrated media player in Malaysia .
¨ We maintain our Overweight stance on the sector.


PETRONAS started the ball rolling by awarding its first Risk Service Contract (RSC) to a consortium formed by Sapuracrest Petroleum (“SAPCREST”, BUY; TP: RM4.28), Kencana Petroleum (“KENCANA”, NOT RATED) and Petrofac Energy (UK) to develop and produce petroleum resources in Berantai marginal field. PETRONAS also hinted subsequent marginal field contracts to be revealed in 2Q11, where KENCANA and Dialog Group (“DIALOG”, Not Rated) are strong contenders.


We still believe property stocks with strong news flow will be 2Q11 performers and our Top BUY call is SP Setia (TP: RM7.40 [RM4.93 ex 1:2 bonus issue]), while we have BUY calls on IJM Land (TP: RM3.20) and Mah Sing Group (TP: RM3.10), as these property companies have 1) larger mass market landbanks, which is the performing segment, 2) headline projects (e.g. Canal City, KL Eco City) 3) strong 2011 sales targets (>15% YoY) 4) aggressive landbanking plans 5) better positioned with large market capitalization to weather lower market liquidity, and 6) Mah Sing Group has better than average 4.5% gross yield.


DJ KPJ Healthcare Target Raised To MYR4.94 From MYR4.42 By RHB

Mahsing 13/4/11

Mah Sing Group (8583.KU) may rise towards Tuesday's high of MYR2.63, a local dealer says; this comes after the company says it is on track to achieve its sales target of MYR2.0 billion for 2011. The company is targeting a 33% increase in sales from MYR1.5 billion in 2010. So far this year the company has achieved sales of MYR738 million, Leon Hoy Kum, group managing director and chief executive, told reporters Tuesday in a company briefing at an investment conference. The dealer says "the company is in good shape to carry on its landbanking activities, and with the property market looking robust the outlook for the company remains healthy." The stock closed down 1.5% at MYR2.59 Tuesday.


PublicBank : Results Preview
¨ Banking on steady growth
¨ Public Bank is expected to announce its 1QFY11 results later this week. Apart from being a seasonally slower quarter, we do not expect any major surprises
¨ No change to forecasts. Fair value of RM15.40 and Outperform call maintained.
MahSing : News Update
¨ Strategic exposure for industrial development
¨ Mah Sing announced a proposed acquisition of freehold land in Tanjung Kupang JB, measuring 205.72 acres, for a purchase consideration of RM54.7m. This translates to RM6.10 psf.
¨ We are positive on the purchase. Our fair value is raised to RM3.15 (from RM3.03),
¨ Mah Sing continues to be our top pick for the property sector. Maintain Outperform.

Nevertheless, our long-term positive view on the equity market is unchanged given decent EPS growth estimates and valuations. Our year-end FBM KLCI target of 1,700

.KLCI YE Target – 1,720..18/4/11

§ Petronas to award more contracts in view of its higher capex and domestic centric intentions.
§ Stronger economic growth in 2H, Ringgit to appreciate modestly and ample domestic and global liquidity.
§ Positive impact on Construction, Banking, Plantation , Property and Oil & Gas sectors.
§ Maintain year-end FBM KLCI target of 1,720 (15x 2012 earnings).
§ Top pickas are Air Asia, Boustead, CIMB, Glomac, HSL, Mudajaya, RHB Cap, Sime, TimeDotcom and TWS Plant.

§ WTK and SUBUR will also benefit from Japan ’s reconstruction

Uemland 19/4/11

OSK Research initiates UEM Land Holdings (5148.KU) at Buy with a RNAV target of MYR3.52. The house says the despite the stock's premium valuation vs peers, its potential inclusion in the KLCI and positive news from developments in Iskandar Malaysia in southern Johor state will be its upward re-rating catalysts. "Due to its size and promising growth prospects, ULHB's liquidity is among the highest of all listed property stocks as foreign and local institutional interest have picked up," says OSK, adding that potential earnings enhancement from its Sunrise acquisition could mean further upside from "untapped synergy and value accretion." The house forecasts FY11F net profit of MYR318 million vs MYR194.5 million in FY10. The stock is down 0.7% at MYR2.70

Gamuda 19/4/11

STOCK CALL: Affin Investment maintains a Buy rating on Gamuda (5398.KU), with an unchanged price target of MYR4.51. "Following further downgrades of the ratings on seven Selangor water-related bonds, Gamuda clarified that the debt issuances of its 40%-owned associate, Syarikat Pengeluaran Air Sungai Selangor (SPLASH) were one of those affected. However, it added that the downgrade does not constitute an event of default as the current ratings are still within the 'investment grade' level of Bank Negara Malaysia," the house says. It adds, it remains hopeful that solutions may be found before any defaults happen. "With regard to Gamuda, the maximum one-time hit would be about MYR120 million but it must be noted that the water assets remain." Affin maintains it Buy rating on the excellent prospects of its construction and property businesses as well as steady profits from its concession assets. The stock is down 1.6% at MYR3.77


1. Gamuda 2. Uemland 3. Ijm 4. Bertam 5. Mudajaya 6. Hap Seng 7. MMC 8. Guan Chong 9. TA 10. MPHB

CNBC Top News and Analysis

Call Warrant

There are roughly 200 to 250 warrant counters available in Bursa Malaysia roughly comprised of 50% out of it. Why call warrant instead of all warrant counters that trader can choose from either to trade or to invest for short to mid term gain? The answer is RISK! Call warrant (denoted by ending alphabet such as CA, CB, C1, C2 etc.) mostly are derivatives deride from Bursa most reputatable and financially steady heavyweight blue chip underlying shares such as Maybank, Public Bank, Genting Family, Astro, Bjtoto, Airasia, Sime Darby, IOIcorp, Maxis and so on and issued by market maker/issuer/Investment Bank such as CIMB, Kenanga and OSK. Company warrant/Right (denoted by ending alphabet such as WA, WB, LA, LB etc.) are derivatives issue by the listed company itself for the purpose of raising additional funds and so forth. This kind of warrant are more on the high risk cause it can be issued by any listed company in Bursa Malaysia, be it heavyweight like Sime Darby(Steady company rarely issue warrant by itself) or those secondliner like LCL Corporation Berhad or even PN17 counter like MEMS. Typical company warrant are Iris-PA, Mulpha-WA, Gpacket-WA and much more. This kind of company warrant is a time bomb for warrant holder as most company warrant are issue by those smaller size and financially less credible listed company and most probably manage by some unscrupulous group of directors/family members . We may not know when the company may default in payment or go bankrupt in near future like what happen to LCL. Therefore try to avoid company warrant except certain counter such as Bjcorp-LC. There are bunch of call warrant in the market nevertheless, how to shortlist those that potentially more rewarding rather than risk? One should understand how warrant function, warrant price tend to go up when the underlying share price go up and vice versa and the correlation percentage can be vary greatly. Warrant premium tend to decrease gradually over time regardless mother go up or down. For mother that appreciate substantially over short period of time, the children tend to get close to zero premium level e.g. ammb-cc and genting-co (american style) and pbbank-cj(european style) and this category of warrant are the perfect proxy for the underlying shares and poise to show virtually 100% of correlation with respect to mother share price movement. So shall i conclude that lowest premium is the best candidate for player to go in? the answer is quite subjective. Few factors are worth to consider to determine the risk/reward factor. 1. The lowest the premium the best (e.g. pbbank-cj) 2. The lowest the conversion ratio the best(e.g. Maybank-cj). 3. The lowest the bid spread the best(e.g. ammb-cg) 4. The lowest the warrant price the best(e.g. bjtoto-cd and astro-cc). 5. The highest volatility of the underlying share price the best(e.g. genting-co and hsi-c7). 6. The highest warrant buy/sell queue quantity(liquidity) the best(e.g. maybank-cl). 7. The longest the maturity/expiry date the best (e.g. brkb-c1). Please bear in mind that the most sought after criteria and deem to be most important factor; the maturity date of the warrant; actually is "not that important" if we target call warrant as short to mid term trading(e.g. few days to a week trading), the question enlighten the quest, who want to buy those call warrant that going to expire say in two weeks time but with 15% premium? The chances to get burn with virtually out of money upon expiry date is so tremendous. There's no absolute perfect selection methods for player to choose which warrant counter they should go in. It all depends on their risk appetite,capital employed, trading style, trading size and their brokerage fees structure but they should stick to above 7 main critical factors so to enhance reward and minimize risk. Even zero premium children but with different exercise price days before expire might tend to have totally different outcome upon expiry, one might out of money while the other greatly in the money. For those that need specific advice, do feel free to contact me and i am glad to share with them how to trade smartly and profit from the call warrant trading handsomely and consistently. The Trading of Call Warrant The selection of call warrant is very subjective and just the first step toward identifying potential money making call warrant for the player to jump in market. Nevertheless, market condition change drastically over time whereas it's not surpirse player change and swap his/her buying position to selling position and otherwise even within seconds. When this happen, it's not the fundamental or technical chart that help, it's the player basic instinct and senses that comprise of all of his/her available knowledge and judgment at that particular moment that matter, it's all happen up to miliseconds and the outcome of profits or losses could be determined and reversed. Player must always put risk at their first priority over profits and never hesitate to exit their position at all cost regardless profits or losses. Hence, the ourcome of going in and out of market should be quite frequent which elevate the transaction cost and therefore the first utmost important task that player should and must do is to locate the best brokerage that can offer better brokerage while providing the best platform and system for trader to trade. There are few way to reap profits from call warrant trading 1. Scalping like Bjtoto-cd or igb-ca 2. Momentum blend with range trading like genting-co and astro-cc. In warrant trading, it's not advisable to average down the buying price but it's advisable to average up the buying price blend with intermittent profit taking and scalping technique. The result for average down could be disastrous and cost player his entire capital vanishes in days. But the average up buying strategy might also erase player gain or turn the profits to losses yet the senses of market/counter direction is vital. But such average up buying strategy can turn profits into jackpot shall everything work fine especially in obviously bullish market. Of course there could be compromise in between, just cut lost when market turn against us or buy and hold and let the profits run shall the mother showing steady price appreciation without significant pull back in place. Again, it all rest with how the player cope and take advantage of the changing market condition fast and decisively. The market will not be forever up or forever down, greed and fear need to be balance wisely. There's no such thing player want absolute safety yet demand huge reward, as the saying goes the higher the risk the higher the return. Try to pay attention to the basic chart of support and resistant and moving average plus the general market sense of how market fetch will do as this represent the player psychological mindset whether they will exit or go in market, to buy or to sell. Ever Changing Selection and Trading Strategy Please bear in mind that in warrant trading there are consider 3 counter parties involved 1. you vs. banker (e.g. ammb-cc) 2. you vs. other players vs. banker (genting-co, affin-ca). Warrant trading is dffer from normal counter trading whereas player got adequate information exhibit from the mother share price and volume movement and the readily available buy and sell quantity place by the market maker in the warrant counter. This is player advantage over banker. The disadvantage is the bids spread, time decay and premium deterioration over time and without dividend payment. But all this can be sorted out "amicably" in the selection process. Very important factor for all trader to consider is that, we can't forever stick to and loyal to certain warrant counter such as maybank-cj, ammb-cc, pbbank-cj, sime-cf, hsi-c7 and gen-cn. This is the group of warrant with the lowest premium in town but most likely trader will lost and trap if they go in at the wrong time. Market maker are very sensitive in market making this group of warrant whereas sometimes they even resort to putting wide spread to the warrant bid/ask price and put the warrant price gap down from time to time regardless underlying share price performance if happen they lost too much money in market making. It's for the player to readjust their selection and trading strategy once this happen. In bull market, player are more likely able to conduct daytrade or even hour trade for low premium and big cap warrant like above, but in times market are dull, player need to go for those lowest price children with reasonable premium and tight bid spread such as bjtoto-cc, bjtoto-cd, airasia-cf, igb-ca, astro-cc and so on. This low price group of children we may need to hold on to it for days or even week and therefore the whole trading stragety is revised and modify. Summary For a good warrant trader, he she may not profit at all time and most probably just making marginally profit due to higher turnover cost from the first in first out trading practices. Nevertheless, all he she want is the sound scenario that they catch the right mother on the right time and at the right price where the mother have just started to show the right momentum of going upsurge for days to come. Once such good opportunity (happen few times monthly and depends one can spot and catch it) may even rewards the traders with profits range from 10% to even 50% of trader "paid up capital". Overall, a good warrant trader should generate roughly 5% to 40% monthly profits out of his/her capital pump in to trading account. E.g. for every Rm10000, one might expect to make RM500 to RM4000 a month.

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